Thursday, May 21, 2015

Family vacation with children

Family vacation with children is one of the most popular and heavily promoted areas, despite the seasonal demand and other features.
Many hotels interested in attracting a family audience, offering special promotions and programs for sharing with children, where in the cost of accommodation and meals, in addition includes a wide range of additional services.
Here is a short review based on an analysis of family-oriented hotels that occupy the leading position in the ranking of TripAdvisor:
1) The Location of the hotel - close to the main attractions
2) Leisure and Entertainment - tours and workshops for children and adults
3) Cozy atmosphere - cozy rooms
4) Additional services included in the cost - hot breakfast, free parking, early check-in and late check-out
5) Package "all inclusive": food - a separate menu for children
6) Fun for all members of the family - exciting entertainment for the older generation
7) Perfect cleanliness and fresh air - Cleanliness of rooms
8) Friendly and helpful staff
9) Safety - Child Safety
10) Special Offers - children live for free


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