Monday, September 5, 2016

Good old billiards
In billiard hall on the territory of the hotel "Salute" are located 7 Russian billiard tables and 2 tables for American pool. Quality of tables and cues from the best European manufacturers will allow you fully enjoy this game. If you need, we can propose you to use the services of an experienced instructor on billiards. And, for experienced players, we organize tournaments in billiards!
Also to service of visitors and corporate guests, we can offer a VIP-hall for an enjoyable evening in company of friends or for corporate receptions. The bar and cafe will always offer you a fresh and delicious drinks.
Our billiard hall is open for you every day:  from 12 pm to 06-00 am.
We hope that the rest in our billiard club will be pleasant for you, and billiards lovers will appreciate the excellent quality of billiard tables and a high level of service.