Friday, October 13, 2017

A building of the Salute Hotel was constructed by well-known architect Abraham Miletskiy in 1984 by request of the State Planning Committee of Ukraine. It is interesting that in the initial version, the Salute hotel had to be 5 floors higher, but the party leadership of Ukraine didn't approve this project.
Nevertheless, the building has preserved the spirit of Soviet futurism, constructivism and the flight of technical thought of that time. Owing to its uncommon architectural design and advantageous location the Salute Hotel has become one of the symbols of Kiev.
Today, the Salute Hotel is popular among the visitors of our city. The greenery of Pechersk hills, invaluable relics of the past and comfortable location attracts tourists and business people from around the world.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

                                                         WEEKEND OFFER
Spend a fabulous weekend in Kiev and save on your accommodation!
 You can get a 20% discount for booking any room in the Salute Hotel, from Friday to Sunday inclusive.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Immerse yourself in the magical world of sweet treats!
In our Pastry shop you can try gingerbreads, lots of cakes, pastries, croissants. As for drinks, we can offer a delicious cup of coffee, home cooked cacao, a glass of mulled wine from the exclusive collection and many other delicious drinks. See you soon!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Respect for the environment, conservation of natural resources and a manifestation of corporate social responsibility - a very important factors for many of our guests. Saving water and electric energy, recycling and reuse of materials and objects - is a pride for the owners and staff of the Salute Hotel.
In our hotel, we sincerely believe that we can care for the environment and try to convince our customers - to protect nature, too.
"Green hotels" and their guests are well aware of the simple steps which are necessary to perform this difficult task.
9 Ways Salute Hotel tries to be the "green hotel":
1) Using a dual mode plumbing drain and mixers with low water pressure.
2) The use of fluorescent lighting in all areas and the regulation of the degree of illumination.
3) Automatic switch off lights and air conditioning in empty rooms.
4) Reuse of towels.
5) Use of non-toxic cleaners to clean the hotel.
6) The use in the hotel only ceramic and glassware.
7) Maximum use of daylight in all public areas of the hotel.
8) Providing guests with maps of hiking trails and information about public transport.
9) The prohibition of smoking in all areas of the hotel.
We will be glad to see you among the guests of our "green" hotel!
See you soon!