Friday, December 26, 2014

Kiev got in the list of 100 the most attractive cities in the world

Kiev got the 73rd place in the ranking of the 100 most attractive cities in the world. This list every year is collected by an international consulting firm Reputation Institute, based in New York. Cities are assessed on 13 attributes, grouped into three categories: "advanced economies" (the location of the headquarters of the world's leading companies, a high level of adoption of a new technologies, financial stability), "the attractiveness of the environment" (beauty, security) and "good governance" (attractiveness for a respectable business, progressive social, economic and environmental policy). The rating reflects the level of trust, admiration and respect of the city in the world. This year's list was headed by Sydney, Toronto, Stockholm, Vienna and Venice. Kiev got 73 position, whereas the capitals of neighboring states - Polish Warsaw became the 55th, Russian Moscow took only 90th position, and Belarussian Minsk did not at all participate in the rating.
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