Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kiev is not a Chicago - spend your May holidays in the capital of Ukraine!

The warm May is coming soon and many people think about leisure and vacations. Someone prefers to spend it in the country another will fly to Turkey or Europe, but many people interesting in traveling to Ukraine, because of its originality and traditions. One of the favourite destinations in Ukraine is Kiev. Kiev is especially attractive to tourism in May. There is a spring symbol of our city - the blossoming chestnuts in Kiev! You must see it!
Probably you ask yourselves a question: shell I visit this city? Is it safety?
Today, there are no security problems, in any case here is not more dangerous than walking for example in Barcelona. Therefore, media comparison Kiev with the Chicago of 30s, is very strange and untrue. Now in the city the situation is stable and very peaceful.
In Kiev, there are many good and comfortable hotels with a price tag of 600 UAH per night ($ 60), among them is hotel "Salute" ( - well-known hotel which located in the heart of Kiev, near Kievo-Pecheskaya Lavra and Mariinsky Park. All major attractions of Kiev can be seen on foot in 2-3 days. Farthest interesting point of the trip - an open air museum "Pirogovo", I’m sure, you can spend there a whole day. If you have time, you must walk a bit in the streets of the Ukrainian capital, when everything is in bloom. Perhaps this year, Kiev chestnuts bloom earlier, and you can have an unforgettable time in the city, because of the smell and look of chestnuts flowers.
Among the sights which worth seeing - Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, Museum of Great Patriotic War and the statue of Motherland, Mariinsky Park, where in May start working fountains and trees are full of flowers, the museum "Pirogovo", Golden Gates, St. Sophia Cathedral, the monument "Bogdan Khmelnitsky ", St. Michael's Monastery, observation deck behind the monastery (it is here baptized Rus), St. Andrew's church, Andrew 's Descent, Funicular, descended on the funicular to Podol district, to the river station, you can take a fascinating journey along the Dnieper. Even in the evening and night in the centre of Kiev you can walk freely, not looking at Maidan, here quietly and peacefully .
Buy souvenirs an integral part of the trip. In the centre of Kiev on Andrew 's Descent is located a market with souvenirs. Here you can buy magnets with lard, ceramic figurines, plates with Petrikivsky work and beautiful Ukrainian shirts with embroidery. Also, you can bring from Kiev, a couple of bottles of vodka with pepper, delicious sweets and "Kiev cake" (from the factories BKK or Roshen).
The decision - to go or not to go on trip to Ukraine, each must be taken on their own. But, please, do not believe the nonsense that Kiev – is like Chicago. It’s far to it, as the Moon to Earth. Importantly, as elsewhere, you just need to exercise reasonable caution and validly to treat traditions of other country.
Have a nice May holidays! See you in Kiev!


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